What coordinators do

Coordinators work with their local group to:

  • build connections across the group so that people know each other
  • welcome new residents to the area and orient them to local risks
  • develop a local communication action plan for emergencies and severe weather events.

Each group needs to have at least two coordinators so that the role can be shared and there is continuity when people are away.

What skills coordinators need

Coordinators need to have an interest in people, good communication skills, be well organised and reasonably confident with IT.

Coordinator checks and agreements

Coordinators undergo a Police Check and Working With Children Check and sign a Coordinator Volunteer Agreement.

Click here to download volunteer agreement

How coordinators are supported

The NCN Hub provides support to coordinators and the network. The Hub is managed by a small team including a part time Hub coordinator and skilled volunteers. The Hub administers NCN membership through a secure, integrated system called Nation Builder.

Coordinators are supported with guidance, resources and training opportunities organised by the Hub. There are also face-to-face and online gatherings for collective learning and sharing about what is working.

The Hub will coordinate with other agencies and organisations to ensure that the connections are in place when situations are complex or more help is needed.

What MUST coordinators do?

There is only one must-do activity for each local neighbourhood group which the coordinator must support: the communication action plan.

The purpose of the communication action plan is to have arrangements in place so that every household in the local neighbourhood group can get reliable information during emergencies and severe weather events. Training and a communication action plan template is provided to support this process.

Once the plan is in place the coordinator's role is up to them and the group. Some groups will want to find ways to give and receive help to members between emergencies or to get involved in other community building projects. Other groups might just want the coordinator to touch base with them every now and then. Some groups organise occasional get togethers so neighbours meet and make connections, which make it much easier to act in difficult times.

More Information

If you have any questions about the coordinator role contact the Hub on 6655 1121.

If you are interested in being a Coordinator please let us know when you register to join the NCN.

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