How we use your contact information

Mobile Phone

Local emergency services can send texts through the mobile phone system in a critical emergency. They also provide more general warnings about emerging situations that are not as critical. We follow these communications and will send you SMS alerts about less critical incidents. The NCN will try and give you earlier warning if we can, as information unfolds. We will also send information about local incidents specific just to your area.  


From time to time we will send you invitations to events and a newsletter about what the NCN has been doing by email. Please provide your email address if you have one.

Phone land line

If you have a land line please include that phone number in your registration. Land lines are an important back up in emergencies if the internet and mobile phone systems go down.


Lastly we need your entire physical residential address. Please don't just entire in the suburb or general location. This is because our database has mapping software that can quickly show where our members live if there is an emergency. We also need your address to link you up with your local neighbourhood group. We won't link you up if you only want to receive the SMS alerts but we still need your address.