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What the Neighbourhood Care Network Does

Sends reliable and timely information about local emergencies and the COVID pandemic to our members, usually through SMS.

Supports new and existing local neighbourhood groups to make sure that everyone is in touch and can help each other when needed. 

Links local groups that want to do more, to each other and to resources.


We have been helping each other across the Bellingen Shire and surrounding areas during emergencies for decades and Gumbaynggirr people have been doing this for ever.

The 2019 bushfires, the 2021 and 2022 road closures and flooding and the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the challenges of finding reliable information when it is needed.

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to get the information they need and give and receive practical help locally.

We know that we can’t always rely on local media, mobile and data networks.

Who is the NCN for?

The NCN is for everyone across Bellingen Shire and its surrounding areas.

Individuals and households, organisations and groups.

We hope that the NCN can support people who might need extra help such as those who are self-isolating, live alone, have limited mobility, have disabilities or chronic illness, are single parents or carers, have young children, don't have transport, have responsibilities to animals or have other needs.  

Local neighbourhood groups may choose to be active all year for mutual support and to stay connected through interests or social activities.

Organisations can also register with the NCN and can relay SMS alerts to their networks.


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How does the NCN work?

We have neighbourhood groups of varying size across the Bellingen Shire and surrounding areas. Each group has one or more volunteer coordinators.

The NCN has a small Hub Team to support the organisation of groups, link groups to the resources that they need and disseminate reliable information from trusted sources.

What we don't do

We don't replace emergency services such as the RFS or SES. During emergencies people should always ring 000.

We aim to complement existing arrangements, not to disrupt them.

Why join the NCN?

Free SMS alerts

Members receive reliable and timely SMS alerts about emergencies, relevant COVID restrictions and severe weather events, such as flooding and bridge closures.

Neighbours helping neighbours

Each group of neighbours organises so that people can help each other during and between emergencies, with the help of local coordinators.  Whilst joining the local group is encouraged, it isn’t required. You can choose just to receive the SMS alerts.

Reasons to join your local neighbourhood group include:

  • Information, even if the internet and mobiles are down.
  • Coordination of practical help asks and offers between neighbours
  • Information, resources and funding opportunities if local groups choose to work together between emergencies
  • Add your skills to an NCN wide register to help and be helped in times when skills are needed

Your personal information

We protect your personal information in our securely certified system.

By joining the NCN you agree that we can pass your information on to emergency services during an emergency, if they ask for it. We don't pass your information on to any other agencies or individuals. We pass your contact information on to your Local Neighbourhood Group Coordinator apart from your local neighbourhood group coordinator.

We restrict access to your information and only our administration team accesses the data. All members of this team sign confidentiality agreements and have police checks.

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