Huge thanks

We are so grateful to our supporters and funders. They have made it possible to establish the NCN as an ongoing community resource.


PHN Logo

With thanks to the Community Wellbeing and Resilience Program, funded by Healthy North Coast through the North Coast PHN Program. This funding has enabled us to build a wonderful core team, support 7 Area Coordinators and build and grow the network across the Bellingen Shire and surrounding areas. These funds supported the NCN from March 2022 to June 2023.


Bellingen Shire Council Logo

With thanks to Bellingen Shire Council who work closely with us, resourced the initial start up when we were all flying without a net and more recently are supporting the NCN reactivation through the Bellingen Shire Disaster Recovery and Resilience Program.


Bellingen Rotary

Who gave us a grant in February 2022 for the Bush Telegraph Alert Service when we unexpectedly lost our corporate support. We value our ongoing relationship with Rotary and thank you for all you do for our community.



Message Media logo

MessageMedia is a founding partner. They provide the NCN with access to their SMS platform at a discounted rate which enables us to alert our members to emergencies. 


CapitalB Creative are providing lo-bono and pro-bono support to drive marketing and communications. They are also ace event managers. We really appreciate their expertise - but actually they are just great fun to work with. Check out their website for more info


KemJ Web Logo Large

KemJ have contributed planning, program design, governance and facilitation support - paddling under water but always with a smile.

Check out KemJ's website for more info


InfoBounce logo

InfoBounce have set up our new membership management system on NationBuilder, and manage all things IT. Thank goodness is all we can say!

Click here for more on InfoBounce



Gethin Coles logo

With gratitude to Gethin, a stunningly talented local photographer and videographer with a quirky sense of humour, for some of the pictures on this website. 

Click here to check out more stunning pics



Hearts horizontal

Big big thanks to the volunteers who have worked tirelessly to re-establish the NCN and those who are part of the NCN across the Bellingen Shire and beyond.